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To potential EPGL Investors who have not taken a position yet, here's the bet you are making by investing in EPGL:

In 2013 and and 2014, EPGL and CooperVision, Inc. teamed up in a Development Agreement. As the EPGL team began to prove to CooperVision R&D head, Dr. Arthur Back that our innovations actually worked in real, modern, mass produced, Silicone Hydrogel lenses, CooperVision then signed EPGL to a Second Development Agreement that was bigger and more comprehensive of all EPGL technologies. Joint IP, as a result of the proven concepts, then began to be filed.

Those jointly developed patents originated from experimentation in real-world CooperVision, Inc. manufacturing facilities. We have strong reason to believe that our work was ahead of many in the field and that neither Google nor Alcon/Novartis was ahead of EPGL/CooperVision. Nothing is promised, but that is what our best knowledge is.

The potential market for Autofocus enabled contact lenses alone is $5B + annual. The market for other combined vision enhancements and potential AR applications is estimated by top CEO's in technology to be worth $100B.

So, as a potential investor, you are making the bet that EPGL who (through settlement negotiations ) has now gained 100% ownership and control, while allowing CooperVision to be the FIRST to have license, has pending patents that in some cases could "run the table" of this massive potential market if granted.

That is the bet YOU are making if you go long-EPGL, if this tiny OTC is on to something very big as we believe we are. And don't let others try to tell you our present position is too good to be true, because what has just been laid out for you is the facts, backed by independent sources and documents.

So, you decide, after doing due diligence and reading all materials. EPGL is pennies per share currently due to low volume moves. The volatility works both ways however. EPGL has a chart history of big gains over time and rising back to pass previous highs. In summary, with our NEW Ownership of the pending patents and WORLDWIDE rights, EPGL is better positioned than ever for growth from IP licensing and partnerships if ONLY ONE of the patents we have filed and is pending presently, gets approval, those who use it will have to pay EPGL royalties, whether or not we have a formal license Agreement with them.

The bet? The bet is on IP that may pay-off big if granted and if the coming Vision Revolution is as big as predicted. Literally all things now on your smartphone, are being predicted to be made available in your field of vision in the future. Think that is big? We’re hard at work on the key innovations that could make this future a reality. Good luck with whatever bet you make upon EPGL!

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